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Plumbign Services Testimonials Toronto

Tanya from Toronto 1 | Feb 04, 2013

Dave and Josh were professional, honest and knew what they were doing. They went above and beyond to get the job done right and made sure that the small details were well looked after. I highly recommend their services for plumbing and renovation.

Brian from Toronto 1 | Dec 02, 2012

Had my main drain pipe back up because it was clogged from tree roots passing through it as well as debris. The drain in the basement started to overflow at 8:30pm on a Tuesday night. I phoned Dave....he was at my house within 15min. He snaked the pipe, put the camera through and found where the backup was (underneath my driveway). Unfortunately for me, we needed to dig down 12 feet on the driveway and replace part of the pipe. Dave makes some calls, and has three people show up the NEXT morning at 8am to do the job with him! He had a crew of diggers, plumbers and even a guy from QX to check for gas lines. The job was completed that afternoon. Great pricing, and great customer service. I have used Dave for clogged sinks, toilets and other minor problems. He always has the best price, and will always try his best to get to your house ASAP! Don't waste your time phoning around for prices.....Dave will beat them. Reliable, trustworthy and personable. I would recommend him to anyone.

Josh from Toronto 1 | Nov 16, 2012

Dave showed up quickly to quote the job after our first initial phone call. He was on time, knowledgeable, professional and had fantastic pricing. Dave started the work right away and finished earlier than we had expected. I would not hesitate to recommend royal flush to any of my friends or family in the future. - Thanks again, Dave

Mohammad 1 | Oct 29, 2012

I had a leaking shower. I tried to get it repaired a number of times but without success. Royal Flush did an excellent job. Not only is the leak fixed, they started the project within a few days and finished in one day! Thank you very much!

Maria Siddiqui in Etobicoke 1 | Jul 31, 2012

I recently purchased a home and every single faucet in my home had an issue of some kind. My kitchen faucet was rusted out and leaking, which was causing water damage. The faucet for my laundry sink was also running continuously. I called Dave at Royal Flush and he was at my door, just a few hours later. Dave and his colleague quickly and efficiently replaced both faucets. They walked me through their work, and explained what was wrong, and how I could prevent further water damage. Next, Ishowed Dave my powder room faucet that had way too much pressure and that had water flying everywhere. I also showed him my shower which was very difficult to turn on. The very next morning, Dave was back and quickly replaced the shower handle, as well as the shower head! He also replaced the washer in my powder room and fixed our problem. Dave provided excellent customer service. He was very professional and provided us with superior service. I would HIGHLY recommend Dave and Royal Flush Plumbing and

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