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Royal Flush Plumbing & Renovations | Sump Pump Installation

Installations and Repairs for Sump Pumps in Toronto

Sump pumps are essential to removing water from your home, but the installation and repair of sump pumps requires expertise and knowledge. Here at Royal Flush Plumbing our experts are ready to perform any services associated with sump pump repair or installation. We guarantee that we will fix or install your sump pump in an efficient and timely manner, leaving you satisfied. We have sump pumps of all types, makes and models. We only carry the best quality sump pumps in Toronto because we know that our customers deserve only the best.

Typical Problems With Sump Pumps:
  • The sump pump appears to work properly, but no water enters the pit. Sometimes improper sump pump installation can lead to this common problem. If your sump pump is not installed properly, it will not remove water and will be completely useless. However at Royal Flush Plumbing we can reinstall your sump pump properly.
  • Clogged pumps or switches are extremely common in sump pump problems. Dirt can easily enter your pump and cause clogs, which will impair the effectiveness of your sump pump, and if not dealt with quickly enough can damage the pump. We can remove clogs effectively and install protective lids that will inhibit the reoccurrence of clogs.
  • Sometimes if an insufficient sump pump is installed, then it will not work properly. If a cheap pump is chosen for installation, it may become overwhelmed and not remove water effectively. At Royal Flush Plumbing, we are experts in choosing the right sump pump make and model for use in your home. Our professionals can recommend a pump that will work best in your household.

Sump Pump Repairs Are Guaranteed

We specialize in sump pump repairs and can fix your pump, which is a more cost effective solution than buying a new pump. Our professionals are trained to fix all types of problems and come equipped with the latest tools and techniques to complete the job efficiently and effectively. Unlike most companies we will do everything to try and fix your sump pump so you donít have to spend a fortune buying a new one. This is why when it comes to sump pump repairs, customers choose Royal Flush Plumbing.

Our trained professionals will arrive in a timely manner and will work efficiently, we value your time and are dedicated to providing you with a convenient service. We clean up after all repair or installation jobs and will ensure that your home is always respected.

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