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Royal Flush Plumbing & Renovations | Tankless Water Heater

Switching To A Tankless Water Heater

You may not be aware but your hot water heater has been ranked as the second highest energy-consuming piece of equipment in your home. Tank water heaters use up a lot of energy because they try to maintain the heat of the water even when its not being used. This puts hundreds of dollars to waste every year. Thatís the reason why tankless hot water heaters were made.

There are a lot of benefits of switching to a tankless water heater. Not only do you get increased energy efficiency but also reduced energy consumption costs. You will also be able to free a lot of space when you get rid of your old tank. Here at Royal Flush Plumbing we offer tankless water heater installations and repairs.

How much energy can you save if you switch to a tankless water heater? The reduction on energy consumption would save you a considerable amount of money each month and because tankless water heaters only provide hot water when you require it, you do not have to continuously waste energy heating water that is not being used. Old water tanks are inefficient and take up lots of room. They constantly reheat idle water and waste energy.

Savings on the Machine

While an ordinary tank water heater is expected to last around 10 years, tankless water heaters are projected to stay functional for at least 20 years. Those are considerable savings. Here at Royal Flush Plumbing we can install your tankless water heater in no time, just give us a quick call and we will immediately send one of our installation experts to visit you. We will inspect your old water heater and explain how we will remove it and install the new one. We want our customers to have a clear understanding of what we are doing. When we start the installation we make sure to do it in a timely and skillful manner, as we know that not having warm water is an inconvenience.


Not only will you be saving hundreds of dollars each year but tankless water heaters also take up significantly less space than any other hot water heater. Their small size will free up a lot of space, which can be used for something else. Get rid of your tank and let Royal Flush Plumbing help you make a smart switch to a tankless water heater.

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